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Fun Friday Music. 1.

9 Jan

New year and all that and after a random conversation with my friend Gareth about a new Belle and Sebastian song I came across that he wasn’t aware of. I have an even dearer friend of mine Kellen who I have always had a mix tape obsession with. We’ve moved onto spotify shared lists so some of these will be my finds and loves some might be his introduction of an song/artist to me. Either way I thought I’d start this up again. The Friday music posts.

Not sure many of you listened to it in the first place but here goes nothing.

1) The Party Lines – Belle and Sebastian. One slightly funked up song for them, catchy and old skool vibe. Love it, can’t help but tap a foot along.

2) Fade out lines – The Avener

Wasn’t looking for this at all, I was looking for some dance song I heard on radio 1 and came across this. Beat had me within the first seconds and had to listen to the rest.

3) Wouldn’t it be good – Nik Kershaw

Before you all judge me, I simply don’t care. This came on the radio while driving to my granny’s at the weekend and it reminded of my first car mix cd someone made me after I passed my test a over 10 years ago, turn it up, sing and don’t feel guilty for knowing the words.

Happy Friday


Friday Fun

18 May

Happy Friday.

Its that time again for some Friday Fun
This week I bring you a real mix of stuff including a Track selected by my darling musical loving friend Jet!
Not much more to report other then the sad news of Donna Summer passing away so we have a track of hers and then my selection of the week.
1) Suffocate – Feeder
Selected by Jet this is her song of the week. Personally feeder reminds me of being young but still love them. Good choice to kick of Friday

2) Hot Stuff – Donna Summer
Classic disco also those who watched the Full Monty will know it from that.

3) Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People covered by  Noah 
Noah is utterly amazing you have to watch his video’s that is really all I can say

Friday Fun

11 May

The Sun is out for the first time in weeks!

In order to Celebrate this we will have an extra song!!
Yup that’s right 4 songs rather than 3, don’t forget if you want to give suggestions please ping them my way on twitter @julesj85 and I will pop them up next week.

Summing up my week in music we have a bit of a happier bag of tricks this week.

1. Seaweed Song – Passion Pit 
I just kind of like how it kids off half way through and sum’s up a fair amount of things for me over the last year.

2. Psychic City (classixx remix) – YACHT
Love this song, mainly due to the lyrics and always feel good. Found it on the Secret garden website a few years back.

3. I Still Love You – Switch feat Andrea Martin.
I never get bored of this song, its just amazing.

Bonus Track – Walking on the Sun – Smash Mouth!! Turn it up and do a little chair dance, you know you want to!