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Fun Friday Music 2 – The Cover’s Edition

16 Jan

Happy Friday Everyone.

We are half way through January already and it’s been a hard week.
Arriving home annoyed that I had forgotten my socks for the gym one night this week I plugged in to a random playlist on spotify that was all acoustic cover songs.

It got me to thinking about some acoustic cover songs that weren’t on there (from what I could see) that I really enjoy. Not maybe so much as the original but I think they have done the song justice.

Let me know what you think.

p.s sorry the videos are rubbish, cover songs don’t get nice shiny videos all the time.

1) How Sweet It Is – Julia Stone. If you have never heard this lady and her brother you really should get them in your life. Julia and Angus Stone.

2) Lets Dance – Paula Flynn. I came across this at uni and its one of my all time fav Bowie songs but I enjoyed this cover a lot. (sorry the video really is not ideal)

3) Walking On Sunshine – Sam Amidon. I have no idea how I came across this but I like his voice and its perfect to listen to through headphone on a sunny walk (no pun intended)

4) Across The Universe – Fiona Apple. I fell in love with this cover many moons ago when the film Pleasentville came out. There have been many Beatles covers over the years but this is just beautiful.

5) Wonderwall – Ryan Adams. This is one of the only songs I ever really liked from Oasis but this, this version is stunning and haunting and how you wish someone would feel about you forever.


Fun Friday Music. 1.

9 Jan

New year and all that and after a random conversation with my friend Gareth about a new Belle and Sebastian song I came across that he wasn’t aware of. I have an even dearer friend of mine Kellen who I have always had a mix tape obsession with. We’ve moved onto spotify shared lists so some of these will be my finds and loves some might be his introduction of an song/artist to me. Either way I thought I’d start this up again. The Friday music posts.

Not sure many of you listened to it in the first place but here goes nothing.

1) The Party Lines – Belle and Sebastian. One slightly funked up song for them, catchy and old skool vibe. Love it, can’t help but tap a foot along.

2) Fade out lines – The Avener

Wasn’t looking for this at all, I was looking for some dance song I heard on radio 1 and came across this. Beat had me within the first seconds and had to listen to the rest.

3) Wouldn’t it be good – Nik Kershaw

Before you all judge me, I simply don’t care. This came on the radio while driving to my granny’s at the weekend and it reminded of my first car mix cd someone made me after I passed my test a over 10 years ago, turn it up, sing and don’t feel guilty for knowing the words.

Happy Friday

October Friday Fun

5 Oct


Sorry for the radio silence on the blog front I promise many more a post in the next few weeks. I thought this might help get me back into it so I bring you some Friday Fun. Few songs that over the last few weeks have been constantly for me.
As wordpress hates me or I am simply challenge we are going to try something new to access the music, click on the name of the song, should load the video

1) Middle of the bed – Lucy Rose.
Love this girl started listening to her this time last year and so happy her album has come out.

2)Teardrops – Joss Stone
I know this is a cover but it is done so well and its been a long time since this lady has been around.

3) All this love that i’m giving – Gwen McCrae
This has been used as a sample for a few dance songs in the years but prefer this version.

Friday Fun

18 May

Happy Friday.

Its that time again for some Friday Fun
This week I bring you a real mix of stuff including a Track selected by my darling musical loving friend Jet!
Not much more to report other then the sad news of Donna Summer passing away so we have a track of hers and then my selection of the week.
1) Suffocate – Feeder
Selected by Jet this is her song of the week. Personally feeder reminds me of being young but still love them. Good choice to kick of Friday

2) Hot Stuff – Donna Summer
Classic disco also those who watched the Full Monty will know it from that.

3) Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People covered by  Noah 
Noah is utterly amazing you have to watch his video’s that is really all I can say

Friday Fun

4 May

Its Friday again kids so time for some Friday Fun 

This is a somewhat more somber tone for this Friday’s blog.
Its been a long hard week and gloomy which doesn’t leave you much hope to feel anything other then down.
The music has matched my mood this week and I’m not going to apologies for it either!

Happy Friday

1. Moonlight Serenade – Glen Miller.
This was played this week at my Grampy’s funeral. It was my Grandparents wedding song so I thought I’d share it with you all.

2.Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles.
What we are all hoping for a bit of sunshine would be nice.

3.Heaven – Emeli Sande (Nu:Tone Remix)
I love this remix nearly as much as I love the original. If this doesn’t set you up for the weekend I don’t know what else will.

Friday Fun

27 Apr

Happy Friday Everyone.

Back with some more Friday Fun for you all to enjoy.
This week has been all about change and motivation and with the rain I have been listening to slightly more chilled out music but it always has to have a great bass or beat so I bring you a classic for me, and awesome remix and a surprise!  (I’m sure this isn’t everyone’s taste but I’m eclectic)


 1. Mrs Cold – Kings of Convenience. Love this band, love the rifts and when you want to chill this really works. 

2. Shining Star – Nneka (Joe Goddard Remix)  The original is a little slow for me but this version  feels summery

3. Hold on – Rusko feat Amber Coffman – I can’t help but love this, reminds me a little of old UK garage which I used to love when I was younger, Plus with me its always about the lyrics as well as the bass.

Friday Fun

20 Apr

Happy Friday everyone.
Yesterday on the train home I realised a few things I’ve been really slack on the blog front.

I do have a few slightly more serious posts forming in my head you know me I dry up then about 7 posts come out all together. So until I find the energy with everything that has happened so far this week I give you my new idea.

Friday Music blog.
Every Friday I will give you 3 tracks that I have been listening to in the week, also love it if people can give me their 3 choices and why. Can be anything you like but thought it would be nice to share one of those things that I love the most.

1. Alive (Nightmare) – Kid Cudi – sometimes I fool people by the music I listen to here is maybe one of my trump cards.

2. Lost – Coldplay – not a massive coldplay fan find it can be a bit depressing but enjoying this, this week.

3. Mr Jones – Talking Heads – Discovered by accident in my friends car never looked back totally LOVE talking heads.