A Ramble on turning 30

11 Jan

Today seems like a good day to have a ramble. A ramble on turning 30…… yup that’s right

I wrote a post 5 years back now about getting older and how I was looking forward to it. In all honesty the 5 years between then and now have flown by in a mixture of jobs, moving to London, losing loved ones, watching loved ones get married, have kids and yup still being a total failure when it comes to dating J 

The 25 year old version of me would probably have seen my life different at 30 and more in line with society. You know …. Married, kids, house and while my face book feed is full of my friends doing all these things. I am not envious of them (ok sometimes I am) but generally I look at my little lot and think ok. It’s starting. Life, I mean. As I want it to be not as anyone else thinks it should be and that makes me Happy. But let’s reflect.

So Marriage ……. Yeah, I wake up more and more to 30 messages in a WhatsApp group about the best wedding diets! While I love a good wedding and love going along to support my friends while they buy ‘that dress’ or pick the perfect venue, I have come to realise just how much the thing cost. I mean and to be honest right now that puts me right off (yes I can hear people going it’s because you’ve not found the right person. I think it’s just because I would rather spend £10K on something else) not to mention the torture my friends seem to put themselves through on random wedding diets.

Ok, Kids. I love Kids. Here is what I hate, the stigma around being a women in my 30’s and not being settled or having kids. If you don’t know what I mean then you live in a very different world to most of us. “That body clock is ticking” can’t even begin to tell you how many times I hear that said to me. I have a constant desire to punch those people in the face.

Houses…. I read an interesting article about my generation AKA those born in the 80’s especially the first half of it. We are apparently the generation who are the worse off than any. We went into Uni and came out with debt into one of the worse recessions. Our starting salaries would be laughed at by any grad now, most of us where just happy to either have a job, bummed off travelling or suddenly went back to do that masters you didn’t want to do. We are behind the curve and due to the slow rise in our income we have taken longer to pay debts off. Now of course this rule doesn’t apply to all but it does to a large proportion of my friends. So we will get there. J

The biggest change for me was getting a job I enjoy and is permanent. For all of those who have helped me I guess I am finally starting to see I can do what you saw in me a long time back and I am lucky to have a boss who also believes in me.

I guess what I learnt in the last 5 years is I am at an age where I hope things will all start to fall in place, they certainly feel that way. I am done with the pressures of worrying about my life compared to everyone around me. I am getting there in my own little steps and what will be will be.



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