Engaging or being Engaged- The battle of content 

18 Jul

I am currently on holiday and out of no where the sudden importance of the slight difference in semantic between Engaging and Engaged came to me. Maybe it’s too much sun but her me out. 

In recent months I have noticed lots of articles about brands and trying to force customers to engage with them.
Example 1. Robinsons – what on earth was the 30 second clip for Wimbledon … It looked like something I’d put together on an old Mac! It was not nostalgic or worth the money paid for it!! If you’ve not seen it go to YouTube (I’m on holiday after all) 

Example 2. Instagram ….. For the love of God i do not have an Audi or a Samsung phone I feel spammed and highly unengaged with both you and the brands you push! 
I am now in a role which means how we engage with (in my case candidates) falls at my feet. Granted the larger strategy isn’t mine but I’ve been trying to get people to understand that in a digital world candidates don’t all what the same thing. Everything is quick and fast, not all job seekers want to be forcefully engaged with. 
When people ask me to describe my job I guess the best way I can explain it is that I am a brand manager but rather than selling the product the company makes I help recruiters and hiring managers sell the business. 
Stepping away a bit from this ….. Who ‘wants’ to be sold something? Well no one, not really. Who has been to a market in Turkey for example and there are people persuading you to buy, following you around, arms thrust out almost begging. Buy this…… Ok but why should I buy this? 
In this day and age if someone wants to buy something they will go and google it, read a review, ask a friend or ask Facebook and Twitter. We do it for everything including jobs. Now I know there is glass door and people can rate your company and the experiences they have with but is that painting the real picture? Maybe. Personally I’m more likely to write something bad than good because good is forgotten faster than bad. 
So where does that leave me when I have to think about how we get people to want to come and work for a company with a savvy workforce where the market that is quite honestly saturated in a lot of industries. How do you compete? 
Personally I don’t want to force people to be engaged with the brand I want them to find us engaging. Why? Because being engaging buys more trust they want to know about you and what you have to say. Aka; The art of story telling but not with the sole purpose to sell. With the purpose to be that engaging company.
I’m not always interested in the conversion levels I’m interested in what people think and say about the brand. I want them to stop and think wow they know their shit. They have real people who do real stuff and they like where they are. What’s more, stop all the high flyer bullshit focus, focus on some of the other people, give some of your less engaged people the reason to love your brand as well. Why? Because people buy people and any person employed by you chose you at one point for a reason they found you, your job the opportunities engaging (and likely the remuneration as well) they should be advocates. It should be coming from them, not just the be engaged with this crap I keep seeing at the moment. 

What’s my point? That I will continue to try and get ppl to think about the content that they put out even if it’s just s job advert. Why? Simple. I ask our community manager one question every time she asks me to check content, if I was the person on the receiving end of this ….. What would I think, feel, see and hear and why am I getting this? 


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