A Ramble: On Social Recruitment & LinkedIn Publisher

26 Feb

This morning I came into work and do what I always do as person, who works in the recruitment space, I headed over to my LinkedIn.

I hover over the 4 new notifications and in there I see one that says I’m Hiring. Now this made me think 1 of a few things

  • My contract is about to end let me see what this is about
  • Oh no he didn’t just post a job on LinkedIn publisher
  • Maybe it’s a post about how to hire people

My gut was resting with option 2 so I clicked as the curiosity got the better of me.

In fact a fair amount of people clicked on the post and as I got to it and found that the only thing on the post was a link to the job profile rage started to take over.


Of all the things, of all the stupid things you can do this has got to be one of them at least if they’d put something on the post but just a link, really?

As recruiters you are expected to think of new avenues to contact candidates but this, this is just broadcasting which I know is also needed to an extent but Publisher is simply not the place to post just a link.
Use your news feed, use your company page but do not use publisher.

For those of us who are trying desperately to get people in recruitment to embrace digital and new platforms this is an example of someone who still hasn’t understood.

I may be coming across harsh as the person might have no idea what they are doing (obviously) but can you risk that anymore in this day and age? Personally no, you can’t.

I learnt the hard way early on that some things are ok to do and others are not ok to do. Every time I take on a new role where I become the recruiting voice for the company I have to stop and think; if I was on the receiving end of this bit of information how would I take it, would I be impressed? Would I want to read it? Would I think it’s relevant to the business and what they stand for?

I spend a lot of my time trying to educate as well as create content for businesses, there are a lot of people passionate about finding new ways to engage with candidates, no sorry they aren’t new ways, they have always been the way to engage, conversation, knowledge, ease of access to the information they require, the ease of access to information anyone requires be them a candidate or not.

That is the beauty of the digital world, the fundamental psychology behind selling, marketing, brand presence whatever you want to call it is that story telling the ability to invite people into the conversation and if they don’t know it to educate them. Stuff like this gives Employer Brand, Recruitment Marketing, EVP whatever you chose to call it a bad name.


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