Fun Friday Music 2 – The Cover’s Edition

16 Jan

Happy Friday Everyone.

We are half way through January already and it’s been a hard week.
Arriving home annoyed that I had forgotten my socks for the gym one night this week I plugged in to a random playlist on spotify that was all acoustic cover songs.

It got me to thinking about some acoustic cover songs that weren’t on there (from what I could see) that I really enjoy. Not maybe so much as the original but I think they have done the song justice.

Let me know what you think.

p.s sorry the videos are rubbish, cover songs don’t get nice shiny videos all the time.

1) How Sweet It Is – Julia Stone. If you have never heard this lady and her brother you really should get them in your life. Julia and Angus Stone.

2) Lets Dance – Paula Flynn. I came across this at uni and its one of my all time fav Bowie songs but I enjoyed this cover a lot. (sorry the video really is not ideal)

3) Walking On Sunshine – Sam Amidon. I have no idea how I came across this but I like his voice and its perfect to listen to through headphone on a sunny walk (no pun intended)

4) Across The Universe – Fiona Apple. I fell in love with this cover many moons ago when the film Pleasentville came out. There have been many Beatles covers over the years but this is just beautiful.

5) Wonderwall – Ryan Adams. This is one of the only songs I ever really liked from Oasis but this, this version is stunning and haunting and how you wish someone would feel about you forever.


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