Fun Friday Music. 1.

9 Jan

New year and all that and after a random conversation with my friend Gareth about a new Belle and Sebastian song I came across that he wasn’t aware of. I have an even dearer friend of mine Kellen who I have always had a mix tape obsession with. We’ve moved onto spotify shared lists so some of these will be my finds and loves some might be his introduction of an song/artist to me. Either way I thought I’d start this up again. The Friday music posts.

Not sure many of you listened to it in the first place but here goes nothing.

1) The Party Lines – Belle and Sebastian. One slightly funked up song for them, catchy and old skool vibe. Love it, can’t help but tap a foot along.

2) Fade out lines – The Avener

Wasn’t looking for this at all, I was looking for some dance song I heard on radio 1 and came across this. Beat had me within the first seconds and had to listen to the rest.

3) Wouldn’t it be good – Nik Kershaw

Before you all judge me, I simply don’t care. This came on the radio while driving to my granny’s at the weekend and it reminded of my first car mix cd someone made me after I passed my test a over 10 years ago, turn it up, sing and don’t feel guilty for knowing the words.

Happy Friday


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