Snapchat Recruitment?

18 Dec

Snapchat-Feature-ImageForgive me for some of this post might come across as ignorant and some of it might be a random thought farfetched for right now you will think me a little mad (I am mad)

At the moment I am sleeping badly, waking up at all hours; the other night about 2 am I woke up to a Snapchat on my phone. In the haze of half sleep I had an Idea; would Snapchat be a good platform to use for recruitment.

Hear me out; there are a million new ways of ‘doing’ interviews with candidates that makes life easier for lots of people. The rise of the video interview seems to be the ‘in thing’ (alongside big data recruitment, whole other thing). For those of you who don’t know what I mean, this is the next level of skype interviews where you can pre-program questions of your choice, amount of questions and even up to the amount of time the candidate has to answer said questions, but what next?

Here is where I plead ignorance mainly due to not using Snapchat for anything other than personal use. Snapchat is currently used for brands to promote events, products etc. why could you not use it for the same purpose for brand/employer brand awareness? I get it’s a bit of a random way of getting the message out and I’m not sure if it’s targeted or not but I’m sure as time goes on it will get more and more targeted.

As recruiters we hold a lot of numbers of candidates, I know a lot of recruiters who text candidates a lot (not in that way, maybe some in that way) but with all this information surely it can be used to be more innovative with the way we reach out to people?

Aware I sound mad now, but I do think there is something in it, someone might even be doing it already; I’d love to know if you are.

If not then I think it is something likely to happen further down the line and something to bear in mind.


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